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Template Installation

You can install template by two methods


1. Now Moving through the side Menu Go to themes via Appearance

2. Now Select "Add New".

3. Now Upload your theme.

4. Your Theme will now be installed by WordPress.

You've successfully installed your theme, congratulations.

Section One Click Demo Importer

Import demonstration content with one click to get your theme setup. This information will guide you through building your website for website creation.

From Menu Click Dashboard >> Appearance >> Get started

The "Construction Engineeering Pro post type plugin" must first be installed before you can start the "Run Importer" command., Woo Commerce plugin"plugin. plugin.

Click Than Import data by clicking "Run Importer".

How to set up Home Page

Setup "Home page".

1) You Need To Click Pages Tab "Add New" On Dashboard

Put the word "home" on it or anything as you wish. A static page" in the "Front Page Displays" section to set the front page to display a static page

2) Set Front Page for your Site :In Meny Select Reading under settings --> No you should select display as static & select home page template.

Once you have done with this you can see all the demo content on front page.

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